KUZIK SI DIMOSTRA EFFICACE NELLA PREVENZIONE DELL'EMICRANIA SENZA AURA. di: E. Pucci, F. Solinas, C. Mostardini, M. Loiero, D. Soragna, R. Niego, R. Galante

The journal of headache and pain 2017, 18 (suppl 1):111 p187

Efficacy of KUZIK® in the prophylaxis of migraine without aura: a retrospective observational study


A migraine without aura is the most common type of migraine headache (about 60% to 80% of all migraines). In recent years there is growing interest in the use of nutraceuticals for the prevention of migraine, as there are no specific drugs for this indication. A new kudzu based food supplement (Kuzik), thanks to its innovative mechanism of action, has attracted our interest in this use.

Materials and Methods 
January and April 2017, 30patients with migraine without aura were treated with Kuzik, once a day for 2 months, recruited in various neurological structures including university centers, general hospitals, territorial structures and private outpatient clinic; for all patients, the diary was completed and full fill the headache card (IHS criteria). Patients were evaluated at baseline and after 2 months regarding number of crisis, headache days and VAS (Visual Analogue Scale): data relative to efficacy and tolerability were collected. Patient’s characteristics: 25 female and 5 male; median age 34 (range 22-56); median years of disease 9,4 (range 2-30) and previous treatments 1,2 (range 1-2). At the baseline average number of crisis was 4 (range 2-10) , headache days 7,4 (range 3-14) and medium VAS 7,1 (range 5-10).


Kuzik was well tolerated: in a numerical scale from 1 to 10 the average score was 8 (range 6 -10); the compliance of patients was optimal, no side effect related to product were reported and no weight gain in patients occurred. Regarding efficacy, at the end of treatment, all parameters analyzed were significantly improved: average number of crisis was 1,2 (range 0-3), headache days 2 (range 0-5) and medium VAS 1,9 (range 0-4) .


Our study has clearly demonstrated the benefits, safety, and good tolerability of Kuzik in the prophylaxis of migraine without aura and the use of this medication should be taken in consideration as a good practice in this setting of patients. Data from our study are encouraging to be confirmed by further investigations.